Single Family

The Single Family (SF) program is Built Green Canada's flagship, with its origins going back to 2003 when the organization was formed. Since then, the program has undergone various iterations to ensure it meets the needs of industry.

Checklist, Guide, and Process Flow

To view the Single Family BUILT GREEN® Checklist, email us

To view the Single Family BUILT GREEN® Guide, email us

View the Single Family Process Flow Diagram.

Prior to a home being awarded certification, projects must receive an EnerGuide label and undergo a quality assurance check before receiving a BUILT GREEN® seal. A selection of homes go through the Single Family Verification check, and any of those that are rejected go through a comprehensive audit.

Earn Checklist Points with Products

Our online Product Catalogue directly links to checklist action items; therefore, using these products earns you Checklist points towards BUILT GREEN® certification on your project. View products that have been reviewed and approved in our Product Catalogue

Technical Considerations
Request for Interpretation

If you have questions on the interpretation of a checklist item(s), or require further clarification on a technical consideration, you may email us. We ask that you review our Request for Interpretation log, which includes questions and answers previously submitted.

Change Request Form

If you would like to recommend a change or addition to the Single Family or High Density Checklist, you may submit your proposal here.