About the BUILT GREEN® Product Catalogue

The BUILT GREEN® Product Catalogue provides builders and renovators access to products for use in sustainable residential construction including energy efficiency, electrical efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air quality, resource use, and overall environmental impact. It is based on the BUILT GREEN® Checklist and therefore is organized by the same categories. Only products and services that have been accepted by Built Green Canada are listed in the Product Catalogue, and they are selected based on a list of criteria. 

To view the Product Catalogue, select from the Checklist categories in the menu on the left.

Applying for your product listing

Product Manufacturers, suppliers and service providers are invited to list their products in the online BUILT GREEN® Product Catalogue. Here's how to submit your product:

1.  To review the Product Catalogue criteria click here.

2.  To determine which section(s) and line item(s) are applicable to your product/service, you may email us for the Single Family BUILT GREEN® Checklist.

3.  To complete a Product Catalogue application please scroll down this page, complete the application form and submit.

Submission Details

Once determined that your product meets Built Green Canada's requirements, you must submit your product for Built Green Canada's review. The approval process may take 60 days after the date of submission. Your product listing will be added to the site within 30 days of being approved. 


A product listing is $600 for the first product, and $100 for every additional product. (Note: GST/HST will be applied to these costs). Each listing includes your company's logo, contact information, a link to your website, and your product/service's image with a 20-50 word description.


After your listing has been uploaded onto the BUILT GREEN® Product Catalogue and you have approved it, an invoice will be sent to you.


If you have any questions about this process, please call 780.485.0920 or

email info@builtgreencanada.ca

Product Application Form


1. Identify which Built Green Checklist section(s) and line item(s) represent your product/service. Your product/service may qualify for more than one section and/or line item. A checklist section and line item selection must accompany each product submitted for review.

For example:  3-1: Exterior doors with a minimum of 15% recycled and/or recovered content.


2. Briefly describe your product/service and how it complies with the checklist item(s) to which it applies. (Maximum 50 words) Marketing brochures are NOT considered a sufficient description of the product.