Builder Benefits 

Built Green is a program that offers builders a differentiator from their competitors, with pass-along benefits for their homebuyers; increased durability in their builds; third-party certification offering validation to the home’s energy efficiency and green features; a means to stay ahead of regulations; as well as a way of demonstrating leadership. Benefits include:

Pass-along benefits for your homebuyers 

A healthier, more durable home with lower environmental impact, a reduction in monthly operating costs, 15% automatic mortgage loan rebate eligibility through Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation and Genworth Canada, improved resale value, and more. These benefits resonate with homebuyers and drive demand—63% of homeowners say a high performance home is a ‘must have.’ 2017 Canadian Home Buyer Preference National Study by Avid Ratings and CHBA National.

Increased durability 

This results in fewer fix-it call-backs, fewer warranty issues, and client satisfaction that pays off in reputation and sales. And many builders find that participating in our programs helps them build better. 

Verification of your green builds 

Our programs are third-party certified, which authenticates the green features in the homes you build. Certification with Built Green Canada is a two-in-one: an EnerGuide label and BUILT GREEN® seal, which strengthens your position with homebuyers, giving you added credibility from a third-party. 

Staying ahead of regulations 

When code changes happen, you’re ready for them. 

Beyond the status quo 

With 9.36 of the building code, there is a more even playing field, as all builders must now meet minimum energy requirements. As our certifications include energy and go beyond to address materials and methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and business practices, participating in our programs shows your builds are beyond the status quo around advanced building practices and the benefits that go with this. 

Demonstrated leadership 

Certifying your builds through our programs demonstrates your leadership as a progressive builder and business leader. 


Plus, our programs are affordable and offer ease of navigation and the flexibility to allow you to choose from a number of green features, depending on what best suits your build, customer, and budget. Additionally, in select markets incentives and rebates are available.