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Built Green Canada offers builder and supporting members the opportunity to show leadership in sustainability, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and create goodwill within and for the construction sector. The programs are substantially less to participate in financially and are easier to administer than many other programs, offering four levels of certification which mean the builder can work with the consumer to customize their home based on budgets and priorities.


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Types of BUILT GREEN® Membership
  • Builder members are those members responsible for the design, creation, and construction of housing. $500 plus tax / year
  • Small Builder members are those who are under five million (asking price totals) with less than 10 homes total per year. For verification of small builder status, you will be required to provide documentation that supports your eligibility—accepted documents will include warranty forms, permits applications, or other related documentation, such as a non-notarized statutory declaration acknowledging any related companies and that their volume is under five million a year. Please contact the Built Green Canada office, should you qualify. $250 plus tax / year
  • Supporting members are all those who are responsible for products or services they sell or provide for housing construction. 

    $250 plus tax / year
Fees are based on a calendar year and may be prorated, depending on the time of year they're processed.

    Builder/Renovator Membership Criteria

    To qualify for a Builder/Renovator membership, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Membership with a professional builders’ association, as approved by the Built Green Canada.
    • Adherence to the organization’s professional code of ethics for members. 
    • Completion of the Built Green Canada Training Course and remains current (High Density program excluded).
    • Membership with a home warranty program (renovator excluded).
    • Payment of Built Green Canada membership dues up-to-date.
    • Completion of a minimum of one enrolment for a built or renovated BUILT GREEN® certified home per year, unless exempted by the Board of Directors.
    Supporting Membership Criteria

    To qualify for a Supporting Member, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Demonstrates support of Built Green Canada and the BUILT GREEN® Program—for example, supporting members' office signage clearly displays the BUILT GREEN® logo;
    • Demonstrates commitment to environmental sustainability through business practice including (must meet three):
        • Supporting member has written an environmental policy defining their commitment (must include an office recycling program and energy efficient lighting);
        • Supporting member openly communicates about its environmental practices and performance—for example, includes appropriate signage to reinforce their environmental policy in the office;
        • Supporting member invests in staff’s professional development by covering the cost of BUILT GREEN® training;
        • Supporting member encourages carpooling, public transit, and cycling to and from work;
        • Supporting member supports public transit and cycling as transportation mode during the workday by covering costs of public transportation and/or ensuring viable space for bicycle storage;
        • Supporting member has a hybrid or energy-efficient vehicle (relevant only to company vehicles);
        • Supporting member promotes improved environmental performance by setting expectations for its business partners and seeks business relationships with organizations that share a commitment to sustainability;
        • Supporting member demonstrates their commitment to environmental sustainability in other ways not included herein.
    • Meets the conditions of membership, as may be set from time to time; and
    • Payment of Built Green Canada membership dues up-to-date.