Benefits of a BUILT GREEN® home

As the homeowner of a BUILT GREEN® home, you enjoy a healthier, more durable home with a lower environmental impact, as well as the ability to choose green features. BUILT GREEN® homes are affordable with a reduction in monthly operating costs, automatic rebate eligibility, and more.


Preserving natural resources means leaving more for future generations to enjoy. BUILT GREEN® homes reduce their environmental impact, both during the build and in the day-to-day operation of running the home. Our builders are passionate about the program and pleased to work with their customers to choose from a series of options including: energy efficiency – furnaces and air conditioners, windows, appliances (Energy Star), etc.; electrical efficiency – Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and Light-Emitting Diode (LED) to timers and motion sensors to whole home automation; and water efficiency – water-saving toilets to low-flow showers and faucets to xeriscaping and more. 

BUILT GREEN® homes save you money

Homebuyers have the freedom to choose the level of efficiency for their home, based on a variety of features. BUILT GREEN® builders are passionate about the program and pleased to discuss options with the homebuyer. Improved efficiency means long-term cost savings; save on your water, electricity, and gas bills. 

  • A home built in the Built Green Canada program should save a minimum of approximately 10% in annual utility bills compared to a code-built home. Cumulatively, the savings can be substantial. Better efficiency means long-term savings with water, electricity, and gas bills.
  • Through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and Genworth Canada, BUILT GREEN® certified homes are automatically eligible for a partial mortgage loan insurance premium refund of 15%. Calculate your rebate.
  • BUILT GREEN® certified homes offer the benefit of longer-term durability through the efficient use of building materials and processes. This means a longer life for the home with lower maintenance costs.
  • Durability options can range from engineered lumber that resists warping to extremely durable exterior features such as 30-year shingles; this means fewer home renovations are necessary.
  • Consumers who purchase a BUILT GREEN® certified home will benefit from an increase in market and resale value. Canadian Home Builders' Association’s recent research has shown homes with green certification sell for close to 10% more on average than homes without green certification. It’s always good to sell a home that requires little or no renovation. A prospective buyer may reduce the asking price of your home by more than the cost of a needed renovation. Meanwhile, the demand for a sustainably-built home continues to increase, and future potential buyers will appreciate the utility savings your home offers. Further, there are many jurisdictions in Canada where an energy assessment is necessary before a home is sold—saving the homeowner approximately $300 - $500, depending on location.
BUILT GREEN® certified homes are more comfortable
  • Energy efficient homes have a significant reduction of drafts, cold spots, and temperature variance from room to room, due to the program's attention to the home's air tightness  and ventilation (all certified homes must have blower door tests performed by Certified Energy Advisors).
  • Many BUILT GREEN® builders use triple-paned windows, which, in addition to offering superior energy efficiency, offer substantial sound reduction from exterior sources: noise transmission is greatly reduced and insulation and air tightness is improved.
  • Ventilation and indoor air quality are two important sections in the BUILT GREEN® checklist, and homeowners breathe easier because of it. For all the home's inhabitants, this means less stress on the respiratory and immune systems, and for those who suffer from ailments like asthma, the focus on improved air quality can become quite important and result in a much more comfortable home life.
  • Proper ventilation also results in a reduced cleaning necessity: ventilation systems pull stale air and particles in the air (dust, etc.) out of the home, replacing these with fresh, clean air.
BUILT GREEN® homes are better for your health

BUILT GREEN® homes offer a healthier place to live. A healthier home environment means improved health and comfort for your family, as there is less stress on the respiratory and immune systems. For those with allergies, benefits can be significant.

  • Air Quality: air quality and ventilation is a key area of the program. Built Green Canada offers many options to improve indoor air quality; homeowners can choose from low or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds), low or formaldehyde-free building materials, and third-party certified floor coverings all contribute to healthier indoor air quality and fewer toxins in the air, common to modern homes.
  • Ventilation: Built Green Canada homes are well ventilated. Builders are encouraged to use Heat Recovery Ventilators, which constantly circulates air in the home and removes allergens from the air. These ventilators also replace old, stale air with filtered, fresh air, ensuring that odours don’t linger in the home. Heat is also recovered from outgoing stale air, meaning a more energy efficient system.

“I love my BUILT GREEN® Platinum home. It’s efficient, comfortable, and has environmental features that I chose, like hardwood floors and an improved air filter. My kids breathe easier, and their asthma and allergies are not as severe in this home. Keep up the great work!"  Derek Satnik, homebuyer, Ontario

BUILT GREEN® homes are durable

One of the most overlooked aspects of a sustainably built home is durability. The new homes built today will last for at least 100 years. We want to ensure that we aren’t building homes that need substantial renovation every five years. While renovating is costly, there is also an adverse effect on the environment, in terms of waste generated and energy consumed in the process. BUILT GREEN® homes can feature a wide variety of durable features. These can range from engineered lumber that resists warping, to extremely durable exterior features such as 30 year shingles. Your BUILT GREEN® builder will provide you all the details on what will be featured in your home.

BUILT GREEN® homes are third-party certified

BUILT GREEN® homes are third-party certified, and should you choose to purchase one, you get a two-in-one—an EnerGuide label and a BUILT GREEN® seal. This certification recognizes the authenticity of the home and offers credibility, as you’re able to review a detailed report and a checklist, showing which products were used. Plus, as the homeowner, you have a terms of reference for the maintenance of the home and can rely on home performance expectations associated with the certification. And certification offers you bragging rights—proudly display the certification of your home by investing in a BUILT GREEN® plaque that appears on the outside of the home or on the sidewalk.