Indoor Air Quality

Minimum 15 Points Required

This section focuses on the quality of the air within the finished home. Products listed here include materials that are low in VOCs, products made from all natural materials, as well as various air cleaning and ventilation.


3.1.2   Install electronic or electrostatic air cleaner on HVAC system (1 point).
Furnace Fresh Air Intake Vent Pre-Filter System | Ultimate Vent


3.2   Install a thermostat that indicates the need for the air filter to be changed or cleaned.

Nest Learning Thermostat | Eagle One Nest Product Installations Ltd.


3.9  Insulation used is third-party certified to have zero or ultra-low formaldehyde (less than 0.008 ppm). 2 points.

Johns Manville Formaldehyde-Free™ Fibre Glass Insulation | Johns Manville

Formaldehyde Free Insulation | Johns Manville

EcoTouch® PINK TM FIBERGLAS  Thermal, Acoustical and Blowing Wool | Owens Corning