Renovation Program

Consistent with the Single Family and High Density programs, the Renovation program focuses on the same seven categories: energy efficiency with the integration of the EnerGuide label through Natural Resources Canada, materials & methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and business practices. The programs are affordable; have a look at five cost-effective ways to build/reno a BUILT GREEN® homeIn select markets, incentives and rebates are available.

Three renovation types: 

- Whole House (75% or more): ERS required (Single Family Checklist applies) 

- Renovation (40 – 70%) as well as a secondary suite: ERS required 

- Small Home Improvements (less than 40% and/or bathroom, or kitchen, or basement): ERS is encouraged and rewarded, but not mandatory (more on this below) 

Program Tools

- Learn more about the Renovation Checklist, email us

- View the Process Flow Diagram (similar certification process to Single Family, except with a pre-Blower Door Test required as well)

Product Sourcing

Our online Product Catalogue links products to checklist action items, saving builders time product sourcing. These products have been reviewed by our Technical Standards Committee and are approved to help earn projects points towards certification. View approved products in our Product Catalogue

Technical Support

- Review our Request for Interpretation log, which includes questions and answers previously submitted.

Email us if you require clarification on the interpretation of a checklist item(s).

- Recommend an update to the Checklist here.