Checklist Updates, Single Family Verifications, Profiles, and More


Checklist Updates

November 27, 2013—Further to our Communique last quarter, Built Green Canada, in conjunction with the Technical Standards Committee, underwent a review of our checklists. The review included careful consideration of the suggestions we received from our members. To those who provided feedback, thank you. Following comprehensive discussions since then, we are happy to apprise you of our status on the checklist updates.


1)     Single Family Checklist Updates

First and foremost, we have been listening—we will not be updating the 2012 SF Checklist for 2014. It will be maintained throughout the year, and only very minor changes will be made, based on areas that require clarification in verbiage; however, beyond this, no other updates.


Further, in the coming weeks, we will be releasing the proposed 2015 Single Family Checklist, which will mark the start to a lengthy consultation process. This will ensure we receive input on the proposed updated checklist from our builders, as we remain committed to delivering a program that is “by builders for builders”. Moreover, the timing of this will support our builders’ building cycles and provide them with the necessary lead time to prepare and make any adjustments as required. More details on our request for builder input will roll out when we release the proposed 2015 Single Family Checklist.


We remain committed to continual improvements to our program that are manageable and challenge builders to continue advancing their green building practices toward a more sustainable future. Further, we would like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of the Technical Standards Committee and their commitment to our program.


2)     High Density Checklist 2014

We are putting considerable focus on updating this checklist to ensure we’re meeting the requirements of our builders. The accommodation of a variety of building materials is a priority. Our roll-out date for the HD Checklist and its complementary guide to be announced.


Single Family Verifications

We have also been working through a new process for our audits, and here again, we would like to thank those that provided feedback and suggestions. The input we received informed our discussions and the process we have developed. To start, the verifications were originally referred to as audits; however, from hereon in, this will be called “verification” as it more appropriately describes the intent of the quality assurance process. Please know the verifications will impact five per cent of randomly selected BUILT GREEN® projects.


In January, builders will be notified by their respective delivery agent if they are going to be verified, and if so, how many projects. As the respective CEA is assigned on that particular project, they too will be notified. The verification will be conducted at the time of Blower Door Test, and they will be issued a SF Verification Checklist consisting of 20 “visually verifiable” items to be checked. Photos taken on their mobile device to support this check, along with the verification checklist, will be uploaded to our database. It is anticipated that initially this check may take 25 minutes; however, as CEAs familiarize themselves with this process, it should be a 15-minute check.  Further, to ensure this simple verification maintains its legitimacy, the 20 items will change over the course of the year.


Please note there will be no charge to the builder for this.


Thank you for again to the Technical Standards Committee, Pals Geomatics Corp., CHBA BC, Tierra Diosa, as well several CEAs. The expertise these folks bring to Built Green Canada is incredibly valuable.


** Important Note to Certified Energy Advisors and Service Organizations: Communication on process details between Built Green Canada and your organization is forthcoming.


Business Review Canada: Member Profile Reminder

One more time on this media partnership. This publication has completed a feature on Built Green Canada, which is being profiled in their online magazine, as well as Construction Digital, also an online magazine. These publications target sector-based executive across the country and their combined circulation totals 266,000 plus. 


Business Review Canada is keen to feature a selection of our members at no cost. To clarify, they’re able to offer this at no cost to our members as they sell advertising to firms that support the construction industry as a whole, with their largest market for this industry being commercial. For example, these types of companies would be equipment manufacturers, dealers, material suppliers like Red-T mix and other building material—they often sell to supporting industries like crane/rigging, steel erection and other specialty trades.


Business Review Canada likes to profile organizations such as Built Green Canada, and members, as it creates opportunity for them to generate advertising revenues through the two publications mentioned.


They’re looking for larger businesses to feature as well as those with big projects alongside the Built Green insert. Again, no charge to you. If you’re interested, please contact Ken Dion, Senior Project Director, WDM Group,


Check out the Built Green Canada feature here.


Product Catalogue Highlight: Aeroseal

We would like to start highlighting our approved products listed on the BUILT Green® product catalogue and are starting with Aeroseal. This product supports Checklist Item 4.1 under Ventilation: All ductwork joints and penetrations sealed with low toxic mastic or aerosolized sealant system and is worth 2 points.


Aeroseal technology ducts from the inside, using a nontoxic water-based sealant. They offer a non-invasive process that allows heated or cooled air to reach the rooms as designed, providing better comfort and air quality. Their sealed duct systems save energy and reduce emissions. More information on Aeroseal may be found here.


Website Updates

Website updates continue. For those members who have provided updated information and/or photos, thank you. We are committed to featuring our members, manufacturers’ product listings, and the organization as we collectively progress responsible sustainability practices. If you haven’t already done so please send any new content you would like included to


Portal Updates are also underway for a smoother Single Family enrollment process.


Built Green Canada Plaques

Metal plaques are available for Built Green® Certified homes and are available in bronze, silver, gold, platinum and generic (no level identified), at a cost of $35.00 each + GST + shipping. These allow builders to prominently display their BUILT GREEN® home certification providing credibility to you as the builder and increasing confidence amongst your customers.


Plaques are 4" x 4" and may be installed on the exterior or interior of your home. If you require verification of your project's performance level to determine which plaque(s) to order, please check the database or portal that your project is registered or contact your Delivery Agent.


To order, email


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