2015 Single Family Checklist: Revised Checklist & Trials in Progress 


2015 Single Family Checklist: Revised Checklist and Trials Now in Progress

August 14, 2014—the Single Family Checklist Public Consultation Process has completed its first phase, which focused on industry input. We extended our initial deadline of this phase to ensure industry feedback was as comprehensive as possible. The input we received has been hugely valuable. Since then, we consolidated the feedback, the Technical Standards Committee has reviewed industry input, and made checklist adjustments accordingly. 


The distribution of this communique marks the second phase of the consultation process whereby we’re asking builders to give the revised checklist a try. Please note that this phase has been extended to October 15, 2014. With this in mind, we’ve attached the revised 2015 Single Family Checklist and ask builders to keep us updated on how this is working for them. Some checklist items have been revised, some have been combined, and there are new items offering additional ways to earn points—these changes are clearly marked directly on the checklist in the right-hand column. Updates have been primarily informed by industry input as well as incoming building code changes such that these updates make it much simpler to achieve compliance. 


And, as builders move to a more even playing field with increased regulations (new building code), building to BUILT GREEN® certification gives you a more competitive advantage and a better built home. 


Following October 15, we will make any final revisions necessary, sync the checklist with Canada Green Homes and ensure this is distributed back out to you in November, allowing a bit more time for builders to adjust as required. 


A reminder that the 2015 Single Family Checklist is effective on January 1, 2015. 


Note: The 2014 Single Family Checklist will be accepted through the first quarter of 2015.



Should a builder be interested in a more formal review or require any support on how best to adjust your building practices, please know we’re committed to working alongside you. Thanks to a passionate and committed Board of Directors, we are happy to offer you advice/support via one of these directors in your area. If you choose this option, please contact the Built Green Canada office. 


Keep in touch 

As always, please send us your feedback and let us know how you’re doing. If you have questions or require further information, please let us know either by phone at 780.485.0920 or by email to Jenifer Christenson at jchristenson@builtgreencanada.ca or Karen Podolski at kpodolski@builtgreencanada.ca