RDC Fine Homes

Whistler, British columbia



RDC Fine Homes truly is in the business of building a better home.  RDC focuses on clients that want to build or renovate healthy, sustainable and well designed homes.  RDC Fine Homes has been building and renovating in the Sea to Sky Corridor for almost 20 years.  By the end of 2012, we will have certified 16 BUILT GREEN® Homes, with all of our homes having achieved Energuide Ratings of between 81 and the low 90’s, all with a minimum of BUILT GREEN® Gold.


RDC concentrates on making a home that is comfortable and energy efficient.  We have used SIP panels in many of our projects to achieve an airtight building envelope that facilitates a warmer, quieter, and more comfortable space.  Combine this with our functional and yet innovative passive solar designs, we are able to create spaces that are built to the highest quality while maintaining Built Green Canada’s highest sustainable Building Standards.