Owens Corning: EcoTouch® Pink™ FIBERGLAS® Thermal, Acoustical, and Blowing Wool

At Owens Corning we understand how important reputation is. We have been a leader in producing high-quality building materials for over 75 years. In fact, almost every major technological innovation in FIBERGLAS® technology has been the result of our meeting the needs of our customers.  From the attic overhead, to the basement below, and the walls in between, there’s an Owens Corning energy-saving* PINK™ insulation solution for every part of the home.  Made in Canada,  GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor air quality, SCS certified recycled content and verified formaldehyde-free, we deliver solutions that conserve energy* and help protect the environment. We are committed to making the world a better place, one home at a time.


EcoTouch® PINK™ FIBERGLAS® Insulation

Insulate interior walls, floors, and ceilings with Owens Corning™ EcoTouch® PINK™ FIBERGLAS® Insulation—Canada’s No. 1 Insulation^. With outstanding thermal resistance for energy savings*, it also maintains insulating power over time.  EcoTouch® insulation is an insulation product of choice for high-performing and energy-efficient, homes that today’s homebuyers are looking for.


QuietZone® PINK™ FIBERGLAS® Acoustic Insulation 

Insulate bedrooms, living and family rooms, home theatres, laundry rooms and home offices with Owens Corning™ EcoTouch® QuietZone® PINK™ FIBERGLAS® Acoustic Insulation to reduce noise transmission through walls, interior partitions, floors and ceilings. See how QuietZone® Acoustic Batt Insulation and other products can keep homeowners in their acoustic comfort zone.


Blowing Insulation

Adding Owens Corning premium loosefill insulation in the attic is an easy way to reduce heat loss or gain in the attic.


*Savings vary depending on original amount of insulation in your home, climate, house size, air leaks, and personal energy use and living habits. ^Based on Stats Canada Report CS44-004-IN, April 2013.  †Compared to a non-insulated space.


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BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

2.2.5  All insulation used in home is certified by a third-party to contain a minimum recycled content: 25% (1 point), 50% (2 points), or 90% (3 points).

3.9  All insulation in the home is third-party certified or certified with low or zero formaldehyde (2 points).