Tremco Watchdog Waterproofing


Watchdog Waterproofing is a cold applied, polymer modified, asphalt emulsion (water-based). It is spray applied, by certified contractors only, to provide an elastomeric waterproofing membrane to the exterior of foundation walls. Watchdog, with water being the primary carrier, can be successfully applied year round.


Manufacturer: Tremco Barrier Solutions

Contact: Clint Lindgren

Phone: 1.888.786.7593



BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

2.3.2  Low VOC water or damp proofing on foundation walls. (SCAQMD Rule 1113, 2004 VOC limits: Waterproofing sealers <=250 g/L / Waterproofing Concrete or Masonry Sealers: <=400 g/L). 1 point.