Structural Insulation Construction Systems

These are engineered building systems that combine EPS (white styrofoam) and structural-grade galvanized steel studs into pre-manufactured pick-and-place sections for residential and light commercial building envelopes. Foundations without concrete, basement floors without concrete, and high R-value above-grade wall systems can be used together in packages or independently with standard building systems where required or desired. 


SICS products are well suited to self builders, independent contractors, rural and remote builds, cold-weather projects, and certainly to experienced and multi-project builders. SICS products are faster, better, easier—and often cost less than traditional construction methods. Manufactured in Edmonton, Alberta.


Manufacturer: S I Construction Systems Ltd.

Contact Name: Mark Cunningham

Phone: 780.909.0889 




BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

1.1.5: Structural insulated panel system used for at least 75% of roof/ceiling (4 points), 75% of walls (6 points), exposed floors (2 points) and/or foundation (2 points). 

(High Density Checklist Item 2.1.6)