Sepura Home

Sepura Home is a patent-pending, award-winning smart device designed to help Canadians deal with their food waste, in an eco-friendly way. The device attaches below the kitchen sink and acts as a filter between the drain and the drain pipe, capturing 95% of solid organics. These are separated into a completely sealed collection center below the sink in order to trap odor, while liquids are free to pass into the drain pipe. The content of the bin is then compost ready.


Manufacturer: Anvy Technologies Inc.

Contact: Victor Nicolov


Phone: 250.634.4558



BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

5.9   Provide convenient onsite facilities to homeowner to encourage collection of compost materials or on-site composting. For example, storage bin in kitchen or separator where local composting programs exist, or wormery or backyard compost bin (1 point).