Scalehound Water Systems Ltd

Your green alternative to water softening


Scalehound Water Systems Ltd, is a water conservation company focused on offering a revolutionary technology called the “Scalehound”. In the simplest terms the “Scalehound” is an easy, bolt-on device that eliminates and prevents what is commonly known as scale or lime scale, (which is caused by hard water deposits) as well as providing a quality of water that performs like soft water.

The “Scalehound” uses a unique proprietary quartz technology, which emits a low-end frequency that causes the minerals to cluster together inhibiting the formation of calcium build up on pipes, water heaters, appliances, tankless heaters, faucets, shower heads, boilers, chillers, turbines, cooling towers, and anything experiencing hard water problems.

No power required, No salts, No maintenance, No chemicals. Sound to good to be true? This is the “Scalehound” difference.

Our mission is to eliminate the need for salt, maintenance, and harsh chemicals when dealing with hard water problems.



Manufacturer: Scalehound Water Systems LTD.
Contact: Jason Butler
Phone: 403.229.0835


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