Reducing the Cost with Windows and Doors

Homeowners and Environment Benefit


Like Built Green Canada, All Weather Windows is a company that got its start in Alberta. And like Built Green Canada, All Weather Windows has a strong commitment to the environment—which makes the two companies natural partners. All Weather is a returned sponsor of the organization. 


They started with a manufacturing facility of 10,000 square feet in Edmonton. Since then, they’ve expanded from coast to coast, with nine branches nationwide. Today, they operate out of two manufacturing plants, one in Edmonton and one in Mississauga, with a combined capacity of nearly 400,000 square feet—and over 1000 dealers across Canada. 


The company has done well for itself, not only with award-winning window and door products that allowed for nation-wide expansion, but also with superior management. All Weather Windows has been awarded a variety of accolades, among them, Alberta Venture’s “Best Overall Workplace (750 Plus Employees)” and under one of Canada’s leading business award programs, named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies Gold Standard for four years running. 


But what Built Green Canada is most impressed with is their dedication to green building. All Weather products are known to be energy efficient, reducing the cost to the homeowner and the environment. Their products are designed to suit Canada's distinct climate zones and accommodate different styles and tastes. As of 2014, they’re also a four-time ENERGY STAR® winner. 


Companies truly invested in sustainability go further than producing energy-efficient products; they make sure that the way they manufacture those items and the materials they put into them are also sustainable. All Weather believes in lean manufacturing processes, which increase operational efficiency and reduce overall energy consumption. Most of their scrap and by-products, like glass, cardboard, plastics, aluminum, and PVC are recycled. In fact, each day, more than 2,000 pounds of PVC are recycled in their facilities; they recover 100% of the PVC waste created during manufacturing. 


Another pillar of sustainability is grounded in community. All Weather supports a variety of charitable and non-profit groups dedicated to enriching the lives of Canadians. One such group is Habitat for Humanity, an organization Built Green Canada also partners with. Donating their time to build windows and doors for Habitat, donating over $1,000,000 worth of windows and doors to various Habitat projects, and becoming a platinum sponsor of the organization, All Weather has shown tremendous commitment to Habitat’s mission to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing to communities in need. 


Between energy efficient products, recycled content in many products, their commitment to Habitat plus other non-profits, and the fact that All Weather has a plant in both western and eastern Canada, reducing shipping across Canada, they’re doing well by the environment and their community—as well as the BUILT GREEN® checklist!


Thank you to All weather Windows for their support and sponsorship of Built Green Canada.