Quik-Therm Concrete Insulation System


The Quik-Therm Concrete Insulation System is an all-in-one assembly designed for residential basements. It provides framing members, insulation, and vapour barrier in a system that installs in about half the time of conventional studs/batts/poly. With no thermal bridging, it performs nearly twice as well as fiberglass and wood studs. It does not absorb water and will not promote mold. The system is ideal for new construction, renovation, and commercial projects.  

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Manufacturer: Quik-Therm Insulation

Contact Name: Derek Snitynsky

Contact Email: derek@quiktherm.com

Phone: 250.863.3653

Website: www.QuikTherm.com

BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

Single Family Checklist

1.1.3  Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) system used for foundation walls (2 points)