Plygem Windows and Doors Inc.: Plygem Regency Metal Clad Windows


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Manufacturer: Plygem Windows and Doors Inc.

Contact: John S. Ink P. Eng.

Phone: 403.246.4500



BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

1-18  All windows in home are ENERGY STAR labeled (or equivalent) for the climatic zone of the home (1 points), or for a higher zone (eg: zone C windows on a home in zone B) (for 2 points).

2-36  Exterior window frames made from third-party certified sustainably harvested wood (CSA, FCS, or SFI) (2 points).

2-51  All exterior trim is clad with pre-finished metal (1 point over wood backings, 2 points without wood backings) (1 or 2 points).