Built Green Canada launches new online training module

Training offers accessibility, convenience, and program-specific orientation


Edmonton, AB, February 20, 2014--As Built Green Canada expands into new markets, the demand for accessible, convenient training has become an increasing priority. Today’s launch follows the recent announcement of the organization’s expansion into Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and represents another step forward in a long-term strategy to grow the organization across the country.

“As part of our expansion plans, we recognized the need to accommodate new and existing markets with training that would be affordable, program-specific, and flexible—our new online training, BUILT GREEN® Program Fundamentals, offers online course materials accessible 24 hours a day, every day,” says Jenifer Christenson, Built Green Canada Executive Director.

BUILT GREEN® Program Fundamentals, Module 1 focuses on the fundamental aspects of the program to orient participants on how to work with Built Green; introduce them to the administrative and technical requirements; prepare them to successfully navigate Built Green’s quality assurance processes; and offer them resources to help them be successful at building BUILT GREEN® homes.

The module was developed with input from Built Green’s Technical Standards Committee, as well as builder members, in keeping with the organization’s “by builders, for builders” principle. Provided in an online format, participants may now complete the training at their convenience and are provided a 90-day window for completion. The training comes at a cost of $150 + tax, per participant. The new training course, aptly named Module 1, sets the stage for the development of future training modules, informed by industry requirements.

The launch of BUILT GREEN® Program Fundamentals marks a change in membership criteria, as this becomes the mandatory training course for builder members. As Built Green Canada believes training is essential, we encourage continued education and strongly recommend the building science training course offered through our valued provincial Delivery Agents—those that take the building science course may earn points on our 2015 Checklist. For further information on the next “Building Science for New Homes” please contact your Delivery Agent.

Built Green Canada is an industry-driven organization offering programs for single family and high density projects, with a renovations and a communities program under development. As such, the programs are informed by industry to ensure they’re robust, credible, and achievable.

Since its inception, Built Green has enrolled and completed over 20,500 BUILT GREEN® certified homes, represented in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and now in Saskatchewan and Manitoba—including the units in multi-storey projects, the total is over 23,500. We are leading the way in sustainability performance for residential home construction.

For more information:
Jenifer Christenson, Executive Director
Built Green Canada
Phone: 780.485.0920
Email: jchristenson@builtgreencanada.ca


Built Green Canada promotes, encourages, enables and recognizes environmentally responsible residential home construction practices. Founded in 2003, the organization is based out of Edmonton, Alberta with representation in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and now in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.