Johns Manville: Vent Chutes


At Johns Manville, we are committed to helping you create more comfortable, healthier, and energy efficient indoor environments. That’s why we revolutionized the building insulation industry by pioneering the development of Formaldehyde-free™ fibre glass building insulation over a decade ago. JM Formaldehyde-free insulation provides excellent thermal and acoustical performance and now utilizes an innovative bio-based binder, made mostly with rapidly renewable plant-based materials that offer improved handling, easier cutting and less dust than our previous product. Because here at JM, we believe that in every detail, materials matter.


Vent chutes allow installation of attic floor insulation close to the soffit, enabling unobstructed air passage between the soffit vents and the attic without clogging the soffit attic ventilation ports with insulation.


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Manufacturer: Johns Manville

Contact: Jerry Wik
Phone: 403.227.2288


BUILT GREEN® Checklist

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7.1  Products used for home are manufactured within 800 km (1 point for each 2 products—maximum of 5 points).