Trail Appliances: IQAir Perfect 16 (MERV 16 Air Purification System)


The IQAir Perfect 16 (MERV 16) "Medical Grade" air purification system offers the most efficient system for removing both organic and inorganic particulates (dust) from the air in a residential HVAC system, with an extremely small carbon footprint. IQAir uses only proven safe technologies in this process and guarantees the results in writing. The Perfect 16 is independently MERV 16 laboratory approved, ASHRAE 52.2.

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Manufacturer: Trail Appliances/IQAir North America
Phone: 1.877.990.1999



BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

3.1.3  Install HEPA filtration system in conjunction with an HVAC system (4 points).