Euroshield Roofing: EuroShake Rubber Roofing System


The most advanced roofing product on the market today. Made from almost 100% recycled material, EuroShake (which simulates the look of cedar shakes) meets or exceeds the requirements of Built Green. Its under-side cubicle structure enhances its insulation performance and energy conservation attributes. Comes with a limited 50 Year Warranty


Manufacturer: GEM Inc.
Contact: Brian Eberle
Phone: 403.215.3333

Fax: 403.287.2012



BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

2-43  Minimum 25% recycled-content roofing system, including underlay and finish for 1 point, 50% recycled content for 2 points (1 or 2 points).

2-44  Minimum 30-year manufacturer warranty roofing material (2 points plus 1 point for each additional 5 years) (2 to 6 points).