EcoInnovation Technologies Inc.: ThermoDrain™


ThermoDrain™ is a Canadian manufactured drain water heat recovery unit. ThermoDrain™ passively extracts heat from waste water to preheat incoming cold water. ThermoDrain™ is a cost effective solution for builders to meet energy efficiency requirements. ThermoDrain™ is 100% copper, it requires no maintenance and has no moving parts. CSA Certified (#WN 17031).

ThermoDrain™ is an internationally recognized technology that is used to reduce the overall energy consumption of a home by using waste energy to preheat incoming cold water. The ThermoDrain™ is a cost effective way to achieve 2 points in the BUILT GREEN® Checklist (section 1.2.9).

*We are proud to announce that EcoInnovation Technologies (the manufacturer of the ThermoDrain™ - drain water heat recovery unit) has been selected as the exclusive supplier for Manitoba Hydro's various Power Smart energy efficiency program initiatives over the next three years (beginning in 2015).


Manufacturer: Ecolnnovation Technologies Inc.
Contact: Daniel Beauchemin

Phone: 888.881.7693 ext 202




BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing this function:

1.2.9  Install drain water heat recovery (DWHR) units on the main drain stack to recover heat from shower drain water. DWHR units must be CSA certified to B55.1 and B55.2: 1 point for units less than 42% efficient and 2 points for units greater than, or equal to, 42% efficient that are fully insulated (2 points).