Dakine Home Builders Inc.

Regina, Saskatchewan



Dakine Home Builders Inc. is an established custom residential homebuilder serving the City of Regina and surrounding areas since 2006. We specialize in unique, energy efficient, and environmentally conscious custom-built homes. Our personal guarantee to each of our customers is that we will work with them, using their ideas to create a home that is as unique as they are. From drafting board to building site, we listen to our customers when they talk! Our homes are crafted for real lifestyles by taking the time to thoroughly understand the way our homeowners live.


Dakine in the News:

Why Building Green Matters

by Pat Rediger

Home owners are increasingly thinking “green” when planning their home renovations and builds. From reducing their water consumption and annual heating costs to using more environmentally-friendly construction products, home owners are looking for new and innovative ways to reduce their home’s carbon footprint and are expecting home builders to do the same. Read more here.