CarbonCure Technologies Inc. 

CarbonCure’s technology is an affordable retrofit to existing concrete plants that allow producers to recycle waste carbon dioxide (CO2) during production to make stronger, environmentally friendly concrete. 

Carbon dioxide is captured from the emissions of local industrial polluters by gas suppliers across the country, then purified, liquefied, and injected into wet concrete while it’s being mixed. Once injected, the CO2 becomes chemically converted into a solid mineral and permanently captured within the concrete. 

Ready mixed concrete producers see an average strength improvement of approximately 10%. Masonry concrete producers see a neutral to positive affect on compressive strength. The improvement to compressive strength enables ready mixed concrete producers to optimize their mix design, which typically includes reducing cement content. On average, CarbonCure ready mixed concrete producer customers are able to reduce cement by 5-8% and maintain the original compressive strength, without affecting the concrete’s fresh properties.

BUILT GREEN® Supporting Member, Northstar Concrete Ltd., offers concrete using CarbonCure Technology. 

Company: CarbonCure Technologies Inc. 

Phone: 902.442.4020 

Contact: Christie Gamble 



BUILT GREEN® Checklist

This product earns points by providing these functions:

7.1.10   The builder integrates innovative sustainable building practices above and beyond what is contained within the checklist section and provides supporting documentation. The innovation must apply to the project and will be reviewed by the Technical Standards Committee at the time of submission. 

The use of CarbonCure Technology is BUILT GREEN® Approved for 1 innovation point. Concrete used in home has undergone carbon dioxide (CO2) treatment. This process allows for portland cement reductions of at least 5%, improves compressive strength, and is complementary to checklist item 2.2.4.