Audits, Checklist Updates & More: Seeking Your Input




September 3, 2013—Please be advised there will be some updates to our audit process effective January 2014. Primarily this will involve five per cent of all Built Green® projects to undergo a visible audit whereby your CEA conducts an on-site review of those checklist items that are “visibly inspectible”.


More information on this including those “visibly inspectible” items will be shared in the coming months.


Checklist Updates – Seeking your input


The Technical Standards Committee will be meeting early in October for its annual review, which will include the checklist. Updates will be communicated in advance with respect to the updated checklist to be rolled-out in January 2014 with clear instructions, transition times, and identification of where updates have been made.


In advance of the October meeting, we are asking for your input. During the year we receive request for information/interpretation on checklist items and this informs the review process. In addition, we want to reach out to you formally and request that if you have any questions or suggestions to please email to us no later than Monday, September 16.


For those submitting information kindly include the checklist item and if your submission involves a requested change, please provide supporting documentation to substantiate your request.


Code of Conduct


All Delivery Agents, Service Organizations and Certified Energy Advisors are requested to review and sign our Code of Conduct.


Delivery Agents sign this as part of their annual agreement with Built Green Canada and we are asking that all Service Organizations and Certified Energy Advisors complete this as well and submit to:


In Alberta:

Pals Environmatics

Steve Jackson -


In British Columbia:

department G, Canadian Home Builders’ Association BC, Vanessa Joehl -


Your prompt response on this is appreciated; however, signed copies are not due until Friday, January 31. More reminders on this to come.


Website Updates


Website updates continue. For those members who have provided updated information and/or photos, thank you. We are committed to featuring our members, manufacturers’ product listings, and the organization as we collectively progress responsible sustainability practices. If you haven’t already done so please send any new content you would like included to


Keep in touch


Please send us your feedback and let us know how you’re doing. Tell us what’s new. Email us your photos – we would like to help promote your projects, activities and accomplishments on our website, Twitter, the media, etc. Please keep in touch.


For more information:


Jenifer Christenson, Executive Director

Built Green Canada

Phone: 780.485.0920


Built Green Canada promotes, encourages, enables and recognizes environmentally responsible residential home construction practices. Founded in 2003, the organization is based out of Edmonton, Alberta with representation in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. For more information, visit