Annual General Meeting, 2015 Single Family Checklist Consultation, Training, and More


1.     Annual General Meeting: Thursday April 10, 2014

February 5, 2014—The Built Green Canada Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place at Landmark Group of Builders, in Edmonton on Thursday, April 10, 2014. Landmark Group of Builders is located at Landmark Business Centre, 301—1103–95 St, SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0P8—and the meeting will commence at 10:00 a.m.

** Formal Notice of Annual General Meeting and supporting documents yet to come.


2.     2015 Single Family Checklist Draft: Public Consultation Process

This marks the official launch of our public consultation process, which is outlined below and will involve three key phases. A few notes:

  • Changes to the checklist are clearly identified in the furthest right hand column titled “Notes on 2015 updates”.
  • The numbering system is under discussion, and for the purposes of this process, are included. Reasons for this are included below:
    • Checklist updates typically involve items being added or deleted. Therefore, with changes comes the need to renumber the checklist;
    • When the Technical Standards Committee reviews requests for changes or for clarification, often, they need to provide answers regarding several versions of old checklists, and the numbers on the various items do not match. Over time this will worsen.
    • Rather than renumber the checklist items every time it is updated, the proposed new numbering system is intended to follow patterns set by the Building Code and other established coding systems, which are better able to accommodate additions/deletions/changes in the middle of the list, without the requirement to renumber the rest of the list.
    • The proposed new numbers system will make it easier to keep track of new versions over time.


Phase One: Request for Input – April 30 Deadline

Over the next month, we are asking industry to review and provide input on the checklist draft herein. During this phase we want to hear from you and welcome your feedback. Following this deadline, we will review the input received and also determine whether we have feedback from the geographic markets we’re involved in. Should we find inadequate input overall, or from a specific geo-market, we will be reaching out to select builders. After April 30, feedback will be amalgamated and reviewed with the Technical Standards Committee, then prepared for builder trials.

Note: Proposed changes will be vetted for product availability, technology, etc.


Phase Two: Trials – September 30 Deadline

 In June, the new checklist, reflecting industry input, will be distributed and builders will be encouraged to work with Built Green Canada during this trial phase. Participation during this phase is completely voluntary and a completed 2015 Checklist is only for the purpose of testing—it will not be applied to any projects until it comes into effect in January 2015. Your participation prepares you for 2015 and your feedback ensures the new checklist is builder-friendly. We will be watching for ease of implementation as well as impact on builders’ processes and procedures.


Further, incoming code is expected to be released in June, with implementation for January 2015. We

will monitoring this closely to ensure the 2015 Single Family Checklist is complementary and, moreover, supports the nuances of different jurisdictions.


Phase Three: Launch Preparation – December 31 Deadline

Final feedback from the trials will be reviewed and any necessary changes will be integrated into the new checklist to be distributed in November (effective January 2015). This will allow a few more months to adjust to the 2015 Single Family Checklist, which will take effect on January 1, 2015.

Important Dates:

  • Feedback on proposed 2015 SF Checklist                April 30, 2014 Deadline
  • Builder Trials                                                             September 30, 2014 Deadline
  • 2015 Checklist takes effect                                       January 1, 2015  Deadline*


Access the 2015 SF Checklist Draft and the 2015 SF Checklist: Public Consultation Form.

Note: The 2014 Single Family Checklist will be accepted through the first quarter of 2015.


3.     Changes in Membership Requirements

a)    Training

As Built Green Canada grows, the organization continues to ensure its program accessibility. With this, we wanted to offer training that is universally accessible and convenient. Our new training, BUILT GREEN® Training: Program Fundamentals, Module 1 is in its final stages of production and will be ready to go mid-February. Provided in an online format, this new training program orients builders on how to work with Built Green, introduces them to the administrative and technical requirements, prepares them to successfully navigate Built Green's quality assurance processes, and offers them resources that will help them be successful at building BUILT GREEN® homes.


To become a BUILT GREEN® certified builder, this training is required at a fee of $150 + tax. Watch for our launch announcement, coming soon!


** Built Green Canada encourages continued education and strongly recommends the building science training offered through your Delivery Agent—points may be earned on our 2015? checklist. For further information on the next “Building Science for New Homes” please contact:


b)    Enrollments

Just a reminder, as of 2014, builder members are required to complete at least one BUILT GREEN® enrollment per calendar year, keeping in mind that we have a one-year grandfather clause for existing members.


Over the coming year, should you require any support in making this happen, please know we’re committed to working alongside you. Thanks to a passionate and committed Board of Directors, we are happy to offer you advice and support via one of these directors; we encourage you to contact our office so we may match you up with a director in your area, should you be interested in this option.


4.     Membership Promotion

a)    Online Representation

We are proud of our builders’ BUILT GREEN® accomplishments, and we want to showcase them! By sending us testimonials, great things happening within your company, and updates on your BUILT GREEN® projects, we can include this information in your Find a Builder listing on our website and spread the word through Twitter.


      i)   Website Listings

As you may know, as soon as builders have completed one BUILT GREEN® certified home, they are included on the “Find a Builder” portion of our website. Please visit your listing and ensure the content is up-to-date. Keep in mind that you may include up to 15 photos on your listing, and that we are always happy to perform updates for you.

To better direct potential customers, we list our builders first by province, then by region and by price range. Be sure you are listed in the correct categories. If you’re not, please send us direction so we may ensure you’re properly showcased. To note: once in “Find a Builder”, you’ll see the different categories in the left-hand menu, from which you may choose.


      ii)   Social Media

Networking and grassroots promotion is important, which is why we’re making an effort to follow all our builders—supporting your efforts and making easier direct promotion of your accomplishments within your target audience: construction related media, government, builders, and consumers. Our handle is @BuiltGreenCan; if we haven’t yet connected, let us know and feel free to follow us.


b)   Marketing Tools

As a benefit of membership, you have access to our database, where you may enroll and view your

projects, find important BUILT GREEN® updates, and access updated checklists, guides, and marketing

tools—including our logo package. For members using Enervision or Canadian Home Builders' British Columbia as their Service Organization click here. For members using another Service Organization click here.


We encourage you to utilize our logos wherever you see fit, which could be within your marketing tools, website, brochures, company vehicles, and when you selling your homes; BUILT GREEN® logo use highlights your commitment, leadership, and vision with regards to responsible, sustainable building practices. Additionally, by increasing awareness of the BUILT GREEN® program, you’re increasing the visibility and credibility of your BUILT GREEN® accomplishments.


5.     Keep in touch

Please send us your feedback and let us know how you’re doing. If you have questions or require further information, please let us know either by phone at 780.485.0920 or by email to: Jenifer Christenson at or Karen Podolski at