2015 Single Family Checklist Update, 2015 Guides, New Delivery Contact for BC Market, & New Small Builder Fee

2015 BUILT GREEN® Single Family Checklist Revised


December 18, 2014—The 2015 Single Family Checklist released on December 2 has had two revisions— the first based on a query from industry and the second a programming error.

  • 1.1.17 – This has been revised to: Install doors that are minimum R6, and any doors with glass (including french or sliding doors) that are minimum ENERGY STAR Zone D (or minimum R4) rated.
  • 1.2.11 – This has been corrected and now the dropdown allows the option of 1 or 2 points, it was defaulting to a zero value.

In an effort to not confuse industry, we are communicating with all those involved with our programs, as well as posting on the landing page of Canada Green Homes and the BUILT GREEN® portal. If you would like us to send directly to you, please email info@builtgreencanada.ca, and we’ll promptly email to you.

2015 BUILT GREEN Single Family and High Density Guides are now available

The supporting guides for both the Single Family and High Density guides are now available, and they are posted on the landing page of Canada Green Homes and the BUILT GREEN® portal. If you would like us to send you a copy of either/both of these directly please email info@builtgreencanada.ca.

New Delivery Contact for BC Market

Beginning in January, the BUILT GREEN® programs will be overseen by the Built Green Canada office with administrative support provided by Enervision. This move marks the final transition of a consistent model for program delivery.

Program changes and direction, policy, membership, and so forth will continue to be directed through the Built Green Canada office. We look forward to working with you more closely and will continue to be a resource, committed to working alongside those involved with our programs—we’re always keen to hear from you, and should you have any ideas you’d like to share, do let us know.

We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and will support you. Should you have any questions about our programs please contact the Built Green Canada office:

Jenifer Christenson, 780.485.0930, jchristenson@builtgreencanada.ca 

Karen Podolski, 780.485.0920, kpodolski@builtgreencanada.ca

As our administrative support, Enervision will perform checklist quality assurance, print BUILT GREEN® seals, provide support on the BUILT GREEN® portal (a mirror of the system you currently work on), and respond to process-related questions.

Chantal Turcotte, Enervision, 780.482.1771, chantal@enervision.ca 

Steve Jackson, Enervision, 780.482.1771, steve@enervision.ca

A recap on logistics:

  • All builders’ BUILT GREEN® project files will remain on our database (Canada Green Homes).
  • Moving forward, builders’ BUILT GREEN® project files will be administered through the BUILT GREEN® portal (a mirror of the system you currently work on).
** Builders will receive their password to the portal during the first week of January (week of January 5) from Enervision
  • Projects enrolled up to December 31 will be completed by CHBA BC.
  • Projects in progress that are wrapping up by the end of the first quarter will be completed by CHBABC; however, those extending beyond this will be transitioned and completed by Enervision
  • Those builders working with CHBA BC as a Service Organization will receive their EnerGuide label from the CHBA BC office and their BUILT GREEN® seal from Built Green Canada.
  • BUILT GREEN® enrolment fees remain as is, with invoices coming directly from the Built Green Canada office.

And to all Certified Energy Advisors and Service Organizations: We look forward to continuing our relationship with existing Certified Energy Advisors and Service Organizations engaged with our programs. We will ensure our builder members, as well as our new Service Organizations, are familiar with these CEAs. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at info@builtgreencanada.ca or 780.485.0920.

New Small Builder Fee - $250

Small builders are those who are under five million (asking price totals) with less than 10 home per year. To note, this is not less than 10 BUILT GREEN® homes per year; rather, this is less than 10 homes total.

For verification of small builder status, you will be required to provide documentation that supports your eligibility—accepted documents will include warranty forms, permits applications, or other related documentation, such as a non-notarized statutory declaration acknowledging any related companies and that their volume is under five million a year.

Please contact the Built Green Canada office, should you qualify. Your annual membership invoice will be adjusted upon confirmation of your qualification.

Notes: The annual membership fee of $250 per year for up to a two-year period, unless otherwise approved. Payment plan options are also available.