The 2015 BUILT GREEN® Checklists 
& Program Delivery Changes in BC


December 2, 2014—The 2015 Single Family Checklist final version is enclosed and has also been posted on Canada Green Homes and the BUILT GREEN® portal.

This is the outcome of a one-year public consultation process, which began with industry input, followed by a review with our Technical Standards Committee, and then an industry trial period. Updates have been primarily informed by industry input, as well as incoming building code changes, such that these updates make it much simpler to achieve compliance. Many thanks to all those who engaged in this process.

Again, with the building code changes, the increase in energy requirements will put builders on a more even playing field. The BUILT GREEN® program offers an affordable means to stand out from your competition and pass on key benefits to your customers—and so, keep on building BUILT GREEN®!


The 2015 High Density Checklist is also attached and is posted on Canada Green Homes as well as the BUILT GREEN® portal. Changes on the checklist reflect input from industry and our Technical Standards Committee over the last 16 months. This updated checklist better accommodates a variety of building materials and includes many new checklist items. A big thank you to all those who offered their valuable input.


Coming soon: The final stages of the BUILT GREEN® High Density Guide are underway. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing this guide, which serves as a terrific companion to the High Density Checklist providing further depth of explanation.

A few important notes on both checklists:

  • Some checklist items have been revised, some have been combined, and there are new items offering additional ways to earn points—these changes are clearly marked directly on the checklist in the right-hand column.
  • A reminder that the 2015 Single Family Checklist is effective on January 1, 2015. The 2014 Single Family Checklist will be accepted through the first quarter of 2015 (ending March 31, 2015).
  • As always, we’re here to work with you. If you have questions, let us know.

Built Green Canada Continues its Delivery Model Harmonization in British Columbia

As Built Green Canada has continued to evolve, the harmonization of its delivery model has also progressed. As such, the decision to move to a more cohesive delivery model follows the organization’s long-term plans of diversification, through geographic and program expansion. Effective January 01, 2015, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association British Columbia will remain as a service organization; however will no longer be the delivery agent in the province of British Columbia. This also reinforces the opportunity for other NRCan-approved Service Organizations to work with Built Green Canada.


What does this mean for builders in British Columbia?

  • Day-to-day delivery of the program in British Columbia will be coordinated though the Built Green Canada office, whether that be responding to questions, performing checklist quality assurance, providing training opportunities, etc. to ensure builders, Service Organizations, Certified Energy Advisors (CEAs), and other stakeholders are informed of program details, updates, and opportunities.
  • All builders’ BUILT GREEN® project files remain on our database (Canada Green Homes). Moving forward, builders’ BUILT GREEN® project files will be administered through the BUILT GREEN® portal (a mirror of the system you currently work on). Builders will receive their password to the portal in January with further information at that time.
  • Projects enrolled up to December 31 will be completed by CHBA BC.
  • Those builders working with CHBA BC as a Service Organization will receive their EnerGuide label from the CHBA BC office and their BUILT GREEN® seal from Built Green Canada.
  • Associated fees will remain as is, with invoices coming directly from the Built Green Canada office. Early in December, we will be sharing some updates, including new rates for small builders and how you may qualify.


Built Green Canada welcomes the opportunity to work more closely with our builders and continues to be a resource, committed to working alongside those involved with its programs. We look forward to continuing our relationship with existing Certified Energy Advisors and Service Organizations who are engaged with our programs.


At this time, we thank the Service Organizations and Certified Energy Advisors who have contributed to our success. To those CEAs who have been with us for some time, a huge thank you for your ongoing support now and into the future.


What does this mean for Service Organizations and Certified Energy Advisors in British Columbia?

We look forward to continuing our relationships with all of the SOs and CEAs and give special recognition to the tremendous support of those CEAs who have been with us for some time. We will ensure our builder members, as well as our new Service Organizations, are familiar with these CEAs.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at or 780.485.0920.


Some Notes to our Builders: On driving demand, affordability, and remaining competitive

To all those builders who have shown leadership in their commitment to sustainable building practices, we want to offer a few reflections:

  • Driving Demand: While sustainable building practices are not new, they’re still in their infancy, and as such, are considered innovative. And with any innovation, we know that you cannot rely on the customer to drive the demand. For home buyers not asking for green features, this is exactly what we mean about innovation—customers cannot ask for “green” if they haven’t seen it before or don’t understand it. As the infamous Steve Jobs said on innovation: often, people don’t want it until you show it to them. And if “green features” are highlighted in the same way granite counter tops or hardwood floors are, it allows us to educate on the benefits of green—of which, saving money is a key benefit—something consumers care deeply about.
*Additionally, we encourage folks to keep in touch with us on updates, projects, etc.—we continue to raise the profile of Built Green Canada through our communications channels and are seeing increased media coverage as well. Please keep us informed so we can share your story.
  • Affordability: Simply, we need to do everything we can to make the dream of homeownership a reality. It is increasingly important that you offer affordability to your customers—a BUILT GREEN® home saves the homeowner money in the short-term and the long-term. Nothing speaks more than the bottom line to your customer and to you as a builder. And as for the affordability of our programs, often our new builders are surprised at just how many of the requirements for a BUILT GREEN® certification they’re already doing. Affordability for you and affordability for your customer.

** Building Code and Your Competitive Advantage: Additionally, we know that building code changes are imminent. The new section of the code deals with energy efficiency. With this increase in energy requirements, builders will now be on a more even playing field. Our programs complement the new energy requirement and go far beyond energy efficiency to include the preservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution, ventilation and air quality, and the improvement of home durability—we look at the house as a system. This gives our builders a leading edge: a competitive advantage.

Keep in touch

As a reminder, please send us your feedback and let us know how you’re doing. If you have questions, or require further information, please let us know either by phone at 780.485.0920 or by email to Jenifer Christenson at or Karen Podolski at